11 October 2011

that dark place

i'm in that dark place
that place within


i'm in that silent place
those heartproof walls

waiting for you

i heard snippets of your song you know!
i saw shadows of your shape!
sometimes, quite some time ago

fragments of your fragrance
(and just the other day:)
twitchy dreams of your caress
but sea-ish tears kept me at bay

i'm in that darklight place
drawing children in the sand
and birds in trees and sea and joy
and sun and love and


effervescent fragrance

so suddenly, whence did you appear
wafting unstoppably
past doors,windows,
locked, shuttered?

longly slumbering you must have been
lying in forgotten ambush
until one stray and solitary spark
got caught, took hold and sprung your trap

you could have foretold, you might have forewarned, was i beyond the merest consideration?

these hands

summer's bustle, autumn: gone
silence snowfall has brought on

still, around my dwelling dwell
footprints (yours?) on fallow fell

hearts -still bound- that used to gush
circle, wary of this hush

decades building friendship's home
why the outside coldness roam?

dear friend
these hands
are yours for the taking
-and spring will be breaking

until we meet again

alone together
we finally could talk

your hands on mine
your eyes on mine
your smile to comfort
my tears inside

but putting so much space between
our last each other having seen
contrives to make me feel alone
-together only when we phone

without your time beloved friend
our friendship -not our love- will end

and so i bid from all my heart
fare thee well
fare thee well, until we meet again
until we meet again
we are apart

you and me?

early night
silence but
for fan cooling computer


the humming of your voice
the words as them you spoke
their practicality
rumbling emotional tonality
still in my head

we will talk later said you
but what about?
the funeral of the father?
the future of the friendship?
the liens between the hearts?

sometimes methinks a siblings' kiss
a holding of hands
a meeting of eyes
a hug
would rumble less, would glow

so would you know the length of lives
to be so sure as to postpone
the quintessential between
you and me?




away a sailor's swim lies yours
i swam it many time
like others maritime
kept reefs me from your shores

my arms they hurt, my nose my feet
so soaked from salty sea
make plain for all to see
my beat need for with you to meet

this bottled note must passage found
have through the wayward waves
past pirates in their graves
to on your beach its message sound:

come swim to me

come swim with me

of what one cannot speak of

of what one cannot speak of
the soul longs to partake

for whom one cannot yearn for
the heart aches to be beating

to where one cannot travel
the mind seeks to escape

from where one cannot turn from
i see my love returned
my true love has returned